Booking System

Simplified booking panel makes it easy to combine incoming bookings from different channels into one system.

  • Registration of guest information
  • Different types of reservations
  • Control of entry and exit of guests
  • Registration of adults and children
  • Reservation cancellation, deletion, amendment
  • No Show
  • Mixed payment methods
  • Consideration of discounts and diplomats
  • Prepare various invoices for guests
  • Different price types according to seasons and days
  • Channel Manager (bookings from international platforms: booking.com, hotels.com, expedia.com, etc.)

Room Management

Room control allows you to record all operations performed on them.

  • Room occupancy diagram
  • Accommodation of food and additional services on a room
  • Minibar accounting
  • Room changes
  • Room blocking
  • Note of changes request
  • Tracking guest-related notes

Housekeeping Process Management

The housekeeping process software provides detailed information about the cleanable and cleaned rooms.

  • Determine the room cleaning frequency
  • Assigning the room housekeeping status manually and automatically
  • Assigning and distributing housekeepers by rooms
  • Assigning housekeeper comment by each room
  • Damage control in rooms
  • Print room cleaning forms

Housekeeper Mobile App

Housekeeping and incident management application will make it easier for the housekeeper to manage daily activities.

  • Check the status of cleanable rooms
  • Change the room cleaning status
  • New damage or incident recording


Reporting on Conference Halls

Conference halls reporting can be used to monitor each operation performed on them.

  • Hall load diagram
  • Hall reservation
  • Service accruals/bills
  • Food and drinks accruals/bills

Warehouse Management and Financial Operations

Warehouse and financial transaction accounting will allow you to effectively manage your business and get accurate analytical information about your business.

  • Night audit and automated accounting
  • Print multilingual and diverse invoices
  • Moving between warehouses
  • Receive an advance and refund
  • Inventory

Reporting and Analytics

The results of each operation are reflected in the reports, which allows us to see how effectively we run the business and based on them can predict the results of the next period.

  • Receive and export reports according to our preferred period in Excel
  • Detailed revenue accounting
  • Detailed accounting of debts
  • Room-related reports
  • Guest-related reports
  • Workload diagram
  • Stories of changes made

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