Basic Feature

The program's core feature allows you to manage orders, sales and complete reference information.

  • Get advance orders
  • Automatic ordering of orders
  • Package uploading on
  • Load the board and print the relevant document
  • Sale of goods from the board
  • Driver's and vehicle vehicles have a burst change
  • Individual pricing on each store
  • Uploading invoices on without disconnected server or connection
  • Synchronize information with the server

Distributor Mobile Application

The mobile application allows the distributor to connect to the main database and easily display the completed tasks in the program.

  • Delivery
  • Get money
  • Realization of sub-billions
  • Move from warehouse to board
  • Upload invoices on
  • Return from buyer
  • Description of the reserves in the store
  • Add a new store


Additional Operations in the Distributor Application

Through the distribution application, the distributor is given the opportunity to get more detailed information on commodity balances and tasks to be performed.

  • Current real balance control in stock
  • Free realization
  • Control the buyers' limits
  • Distributor of buyers
  • Right to edit price and discount
  • Minimum sale price support
  • According to commodity groups in the list
  • Quick search of goods
  • Selling the item barcode

  • Perform the order by reservation
  • Print on the printed printer
  • Tar support
  • Automatically generate invoice text
  • Several mobile phones will be connected to one mobile application
  • Support for different addresses
  • Support for distributors' plans
  • Distribution accounting reports

Organizations Already Use FINA