POS Module

The multifunctional POS module is an effective solution to improve the quality of your service.

  • Table reservation system
  • Merge tables, transfer orders, split orders
  • Dine in, take away and delivery
  • Item modifiers
  • Payments with cash or/and bank card
  • Work offline
  • Multiple POS locations
  • Support peripheral devices

Menu Management

With the help of intuitive interface, you will easily be able to arrange menus, recipes, add-ons and other necessary settings.

  • Create product categories
  • Setup menu
  • Create combo menus
  • Manage product recipes and portions
  • Manage product modifiers and substitutes
  • Setup product comments
  • Setup printers


Table Management

With the help of a visual designer, arrange the halls and tables according to the structure of the restaurant.

  • Setup different restaurants
  • Create halls of restaurant
  • Create different design table

Inventory and Finance Management

Warehouse and financial transaction tracking will allow you to effectively manage your business and get accurate analytical information thereon.

  • Purchase, return, cut off items
  • Transfer items between stores
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Receive payments
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Transfer money between cashes and bank
  • Cost tracking


Staff Management

Records of employees and managing access to their functions will make the data more secure.

  • Manage user roles
  • Manage users’ clock in/out
  • Manage users breaks

Kitchen Display System & Expedite Screen

Cook and product delivery monitors simplify day-to-day processes and respond to modern technological challenges.

  • Order information management
  • Support multiply monitors
  • Automatic close of orders
  • Review old orders


Self-Service Kiosk

A self-service kiosk is a way to effectively manage the increased flow of customers

  • Multi language support
  • Manage item modifiers and ingredients
  • Supports combo menus
  • Cash and card payments support
  • Complete orders by cashing at POS
  • Check printing with order details and serial number

Drive System

Customer-centered drive system is one of the most important elements of sales growth

  • POS module orders display with the customer
  • Setup AD video and photos

Queue Monitor

Queue monitor will help you manage delivery more easily and create extra comfort for your guests.

  • Manage products to be prepared and ready products
  • Automatically send orders under preparation from POS
  • Automatic change status of order preparation


QR eMenu

An electronic menu is a simple and effective way to avoid printed menus.

  • Multilingual menu
  • Add dishes to the basket
  • Sync dish prices, pictures and other settings from FINA
  • Automatically open the menu by scanning the QR code, as well as connecting to the restaurant Wi-Fi network
  • Support of both general and individual menus and pricing for branches

Reservation Management

Reservation/Booking management to avoid increased flow of customers and adhere to regulations.

  • Reserving tables
  • Provide customer information on reservations
  • Add the ordered product to the reserved table
  • Advance payment for the reserved table
  • Order cancellation

Loyalty Systems

Support for integrated savings and discount cards is an effective way to give customers special status and benefits.

  • Customers database
  • Assign individual discount to customer
  • Discount cards
  • Bonus cards
  • Gift cards
  • Happy hours support


Convenient way to interconnect the program and the website.

  • Get menu from database
  • Send orders to database
  • Get sales information
  • Get customers information
  • Add items and customers to database

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