When you visit a website, little text files called cookies are sent to your computer, smartphone, or other device and kept there before being sent back to the website from which they originated. Consequently, the website knows your device on each future visit thanks to cookies.

By tracking user activity on the website to provide them with the necessary and pertinent experience, we utilize cookies to enhance the website’s quality and to communicate with users.

On our website, we gather data on cookies, user navigation, and online behavior, specifically:

  • • Device type, operating system, and browser used to visit the website
  • • The pages that were accessed within our website, the duration of the session and its various parameters
  • • Details on actions performed on our website, such as form submissions and use of its interactive features.

Cookies are used by us to track how people arrive at our website and to generate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and DV360 data. The files are automatically erased from the Google Analytics databases two years after the last visit and from the Facebook Pixel databases 360 days after the last visit. And each time you visit the website, starts counting all over again.

We do not track user behavior or utilize cookie files to obtain personal information. By adjusting the settings in your browser, you can prevent cookie files from being utilized for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and DV360 reporting on our website. However, if you block or delete cookie files, some of the services we provide might not function properly.