Made in Georgia

Made in Georgia

FINA was founded in Georgia in 2011. During its existence, the FINA team creates and offers customers business management and accounting software in a variety of areas, which is one of the determinants of business efficiency. Currently, FINA is represented by more than 10 products not only in Georgia, but also in foreign markets and constantly continues to create modern, simple and efficient systems for customers.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission- as a development-oriented team is to offer companies accessible, efficient, simple, and comfortable business management systems and contribute to their development and success.
Our objective is to help digitize the business processes of as many companies as possible in a short time for both local and international markets.

5000+ organizations use FINA

5000+ organizations use FINA

After 10 years of work and experience, FINA software is tailored to the needs and requirements of the local market. FINA products have simplified business management for more than 5000 companies and facilitated their development. That is why FINA will always be a reliable partner for your business.