POS Module

A multifunctional POS module at the point of sale is an effective solution to improve the quality of service.

  • Easy cashier interface
  • Barcode handling of goods and search by internal code
  • Managing cashier privileges
  • Connect to technical devices
  • Series and timeline support
  • Queue control
  • Balance control in other warehouses and stores
  • Synchronize data with the central server
  • Mixed payment method
  • Display of day trading and other reports

Integration with RS.ge

Connecting to the RS.ge portal will allow you to upload or download the necessary documents.

  • Download purchase waybill
  • Upload waybill to the program
  • Upload waybill
  • Upload invoices


Warehousing and Financial Management

Managing inventory balances and financial processes provides accurate analytical information about your business.

  • Purchase, return, write-off
  • Moving between warehouses
  • Receipt and payment of advance
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Payments and money exchange
  • Transferring money between cash registers and banks

Major Operations on Goods and Services

By performing the basic operations of the program, business activities become more flexible, comfortable and accurate.

  • Sale of goods to retailers and legal entities
  • Accrual of additional procurement costs
  • Receipt and subscription of invoices
  • Service activities
  • Cost management
  • Enter initial balances
  • Write down the raw materials in the service provided and assign the executor
  • Description of goods by correcting further balances


Integration into the electronic system

Integration into the electronic system includes:

  • Authorization in the system
  • Connecting a product list
  • Downloading sales reports

Organizations Already Use FINA