The first "smart store" in Tbilisi, where you will never meet a queue and a cashier, has been open since September 2021.

On entry and on leaving NOKA, the stages of using this smart store are as follows:

  1. 1. The customer takes a basket;
  2. 2. The customer touches the sensor and enters the store space through a barrier;
  3. 3. The consumer takes products from the shelves;
  4. 4. At the end, the customer re-touches the sensor at the exit and automatically pays the calculated amount at the terminal by card or mobile.

You can also learn how shoppers use the store from the video below:

It should be noted that the technology that ensures the autonomous operation of the store has been developed by the company FINA. From January 2021, the store operated in the test mode for employees and the system was being monitored; as a result, the FINA team was able to ensure the stability and flexibility of the system. In September, when the system was already fully ready to receive the flow of customers, a real store with different types of products was opened.

"We think that NOKA technology will become quite popular in Georgia. Automated systems are becoming more and more demanded in the world; therefore, Georgian consumers also want to spend time saved during daily, routine processes for a very important job or leisure. NOKA does not plan to become a chain. This is a technology created for shopping facilities that offers maximum comfort to both business and consumers. NOKA’s main goal is to create an efficient, flexible and comfortable environment with the help of high technology for both business and consumers," said David Topchishvili, FINA founder.

NOKA Market offers any interested customer to test the latest shopping technology. The store is located at: 3 Kostava 2nd Lane, Vera, and Tbilisi. Detailed information and news can be found at www.noka.tech

ლოიალობის პროგრამის უპირატესობები
ლოალობის პროგრამები შეიძლება სხვადასხვა მიმართულებით მუშაობდეს, მაგალითად: ერთგულ მომხმარებლებთან წინასწარი შეტყობინებების გაგზავნა ახალ პროდუქტებზე ადრეული წვდომის შესაძლებლობის შესახებ, შეტყობინებები ფასდაკლებებისა და სასაჩუქრე ან გაუმჯობესებული პროდუქციის/მომსახურების შესახებ, სპეციალური შეთავაზებების გაკეთება, როგორიცაა უფასო ან დაჩქარებული მიწოდების სერვისი, განსაკუთრებული ფასდაკლებები და ა.შ.
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