Use the best management system of retail and make your business successful

Use the best management system of retail and make your business successful

Multifunctional retail software is used in stores, markets, network stores, warehouses, pharmacies

Basic operations of goods and services

Realization of goods to retail and legal entities
Return of goods from the supplier and buyer
Order from the buyer, the supplier and in the warehouse
Charging additional expenses on purchase
Accept and receive invoices
Transfer of goods between warehouses
Write-off of goods
Service activities
Write-off raw materials in the service provided and assigning as performer
Casting introductory balances
To implement expanses
Description of goods by settling up balances

Financial transactions

To get money from the buyer and return
Payment to the supplier and return
Obtain an advance and paying
Cash withdrawals between banks and pay desks

Full integration with

Download buying weighbills
Load uploaded weighbills in the program
Uploading weighbills
Uploading invoices

Cashier Module

Simplified interface for cashier
Implement goods with barcode and searching with internal code
Confirm internal transfers
Manage cashier’s privileges
Connect the scales
Connect the fiscal device
Series and timing support
Row control
See balance in other stores
Synchronize data with central server
Take the census in the cashier's panel
Bringing out day delivery and other reports
Balance control
Manage Gift, Accumulation and Discount Cards
Getting money on cash, card, consignment with points

Main functional

Many currency support
Automatic currency exchange rate with the National Bank
Control of cases in the path of goods
Confirmation of operations
Recording serial numbers
Series and timing support
Support for non-standard fields of goods
Support for many units of goods
Counting prime costs by period
Check the number of purchases, transfers, and orders with barcode scanner
Stationing rapid switch
Recording deleted documents and changes
Restore deleted documents
Manage reminders
Limits control with regards to buyers
Reservation and management of goods
Print barcode
Batch support for goods
Dispatching SMS notifications
Dispatching e-mails
Manage discount
Support for storage locations
Critical number support

Census mobile Application

Load balances
Implement goods with barcode scanner and searching with internal code
Calculation of differences
Upload results on main server

Item repair service

Getting the item to repair
Recording the repair of the thing by reference to the service craftsman
Return the item to the buyer
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