Complex system of hotel management

Complex system of hotel management

The hotel program combines bookkeeping, sorting
and incident management, café-restaurant, warehouse and accounting

Use a variety of reservations

The diagram of the load in the rooms
Registration of visitors’ information
Reservation of rooms for individuals and groups
Before sign-in is too late to go out of control
Adult and children accounting
Food and service accruals
Receiving money on cash, card and transfer
Receipt and withdraw cash
Payment and accrual according to guests
Mini bar accounting
Go to another room
Discounts and diplomat
Print multilingual and diverse invoices
Request for change
Lock rooms
Types of different prices according to days and seasons

Simply manage the room cleaning process

Giving the room order status is automatically and automatically
Granting and distribution of cleaners
Control the damages in the rooms
Print sort form

Record conference rooms

Hall of Fame Drawings
Reservation Hall
Service accruing
Accruing Drinks and Food

Use the mobile app for the cleaner

View the status of the sorting rooms
Change room status
New damage or incident registration

Increase efficiency with other modules

Night Audit and Automatic Accounting Performance
Check out the restaurant from the restaurant
Warehouse and mini-bookkeeping
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