Take advantage of the modern restaurant management system and make your business successful

Take advantage of the modern restaurant management system and make your business successful

The restaurant program is used for all types of catering facilities and is
a multifunctional system of accounting and management

Get started with your restaurant's requirements

Create groups and menu
Setting the Recipe
Setting the Supplementation
Use of different units on the dish and raw material
Indicate mandatory notes on the dish
Support for replacements in the dish
The grouping of the dishes under the main dish
Assign different names of finished dishes to a button, cook, and other languages
Combine the menu
Raw lists
Additional services lists
Giving different color and picture to the dish

Hold the halls and tables
according to your structure and design

Setting Hall rooming
Take a picture of the background
Support for different service providers in the halls
Create different shapes and colors of the tables in the halls with the help of a designer designer
Unite by restaurants Table designer
Tables designer
Assign the parts of the appropriate menu to each hall
Create different shapes and color buttons for each dish using the buttons designer

Take advantage of the restaurant's different mode of operation

Table service
Fast Food
Get orders
Delivery Service

Make the privileges of each of your customers

Assigning individual privileges to waiters according to the level of access to each operation
Determine the basic roles in advance and grant the appropriate privileges on the user
Assigning Administrator Rights

Use a multi-purpose POS selling point

Giving number of visitors and breaking the check according to guests
Manage dishes additions
Note the dish and check
Add and change tables
Select / Register Registered Buyer
Cash withdrawal / card / consignment
Cook, pre and final checks
Print multilingual check
Additional service charges
Cashier reports
Apply to a detached table
Restore closed table
The privilege of abolishing the dish and check
Discount on the dish and check
Move the dish to another table
View previous checks
Employees' service to come and register
Control of staff breaks
Open the day on the cashier and close it
Booking tables
Change of prices according to hours

Integration with additional devices

Cook's monitor
Connect the scales
User’s monitor
Monitor numbers of orders made
Bank terminal
Link Connecting a cash register the bank terminal

Increase efficiency with other modules

Automatic production and sale of raw materials on recipes
Full functionality of warehouse management
Connection with accounting

Various reports and analytical reports

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