Take advantage of the perfect bookkeeping program and make your work more effective

Take advantage of the perfect bookkeeping program and make your work more effective

The accounting sponsorship is tailored to all types of business activities
and is fully integrated with operating activities

Full support of trading operations

Full support of goods operations
Full Integration with
Description of the reserves
Write down the fuel
Registration of the service provided
Cost savings

Financial Operation

Settlement with creditors and creditors
Accountable individuals' operations
Convert the bank and booth
Budget fees
Banking service

Loans Management

Recognition of loans received and issued
Interest accrual
Loan repayment

Main Functionality

Sale and purchase agreements
Many currency support
Automatic currency exchange rate with the National Bank
Support projects
Services Package Accrual
Analytical codes are recorded with direct method
Load all bank extensions
Download account invoices

Additional operations

Perform hand execution
Put balances on accounts
Automatic overlap of VAT and advances
Controlling VAT control

Salaries and Dividends

Accounting of Salaries
Pay Salary
Dividends and payment of dividends
Support for additional fields in salaries (insurance, meals, etc.)
Automatically calculate and upload information on

Generate key financial reports

Torque Sheet
Profit loss
Money movemen

Accounting of basic means

Procurement of basic means, Run it off
Description of basic means
Additional expenses
Move the main means
Renting of fixed assets


Prepare ready calculations
Production from several raw materials
Add part
To separate part
Production of several finished products from several raw materials
Bidding expenses on production
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